Core value 核心價值

Core Values: Our distillery is founded on a fusion of diverse values that shape our core principles. This is evident in several key areas:

  1. Commitment to Quality: We prioritize the highest quality ingredients and rigorous processes to ensure each bottle delivers an unparalleled tasting experience.

  2. Innovative Brewing: We dedicate ourselves to crafting unique and avant-garde spirits, infusing innovation into every detail of the brewing process, continuously challenging traditional industry boundaries.

  3. Sustainable Development: In environmental and social responsibility, we strive for sustainable development, operating in an environmentally friendly manner, and contributing positively to our communities.

  4. Customized Services: We believe every customer is unique. Providing customized services, we cater to diverse needs, creating distinctive spirits that align with individual tastes.

  5. Exceptional Team: Our team is our most valuable asset. Comprising professional and dedicated individuals, we collaborate to achieve excellence in the craft of distillation.

These values form the cultural and brand essence of our distillery, representing our commitment to customers, products, and society.

核心價值: 我們的釀酒工廠注重於多元價值的結合,形成我們的核心價值體系。這體現在以下幾個方面:

  1. 品質至上: 我們以最高品質的原料和最嚴謹的製程,確保每一瓶酒都是極致的品味體驗。

  2. 創新釀造: 我們致力於釀造出獨特、前衛的酒品,將創新融入每一個釀造的細節中,不斷挑戰傳統業界界線。

  3. 可持續發展: 在環保和社會責任方面,我們努力實現可持續發展,保護環境、支持社區,以永續方式經營。

  4. 客製化服務: 我們深信,每位客戶都獨一無二。我們提供客製化的服務,滿足各種需求,創造出符合個人口味的獨特酒品。

  5. 卓越團隊: 我們的團隊是我們最寶貴的資產。我們擁有專業、敬業的人才,共同努力實現釀酒工藝的卓越。




Distillery making process 釀造工藝

The Art of Whiskey Crafting: A Symphony of Distillation

The crafting of whiskey is a marvelous blend of science, art, and tradition. From the careful selection of ingredients to the final bottling, each step is meticulously designed to create the ultimate flavor and texture. Here are several key elements of our whiskey crafting process:

1. Selecting Premium Ingredients: Everything begins with the raw materials. We meticulously choose the finest barley, spring water, and yeast, ensuring that each component is synonymous with quality.

2. Fermentation: Once the barley is ground, it enters the fermentation process. Over a period, yeast transforms the sugars in the barley into alcohol, releasing a rich aroma.

3. Distillation: The liquid from fermentation enters the stills, where a complex distillation process separates impurities, leaving behind the concentrated “heart,” the whiskey we desire.

4. Barrel Aging: Whiskey is poured into oak barrels, undergoing an extended aging process. The interaction between the liquid and the wood imparts flavors, providing the whiskey with rich layers and hues.

5. Blending: Finally, the master blender skillfully combines whiskeys from different barrels, achieving the desired balance of flavors.

Our distillation process emphasizes quality, uniqueness, and tradition. Each bottle of whiskey is a work of art, embodying the wisdom of the distiller and a profound cultural heritage.



1. 選擇優質原料: 一切始於原料。我們嚴選最優質的大麥、泉水和酵母,確保每一個成分都是品質的代名詞。

2. 發酵: 大麥經過磨碎後,進入發酵過程。這是一段時間,酵母將大麥中的糖分轉化成酒精,並釋放出豐富的芳香。

3. 蒸餾: 發酵後的液體進入蒸餾器,其中複雜的蒸餾過程將不純物質分離,留下濃縮的「心臟部分」,即我們所需的威士忌。

4. 木桶陳釀: 威士忌注入橡木桶中,經過長時間的陳釀,酒液與木材互動,吸收橡木桶中的風味,賦予威士忌豐富的層次感和色澤。

5. 調和: 最後,釀造師以巧妙的手法進行調和,將不同的桶中威士忌混合,達到理想的風味平衡。